Thursday, November 1, 2012

LFA Antenna 2 Elements YO2MBU

The 40m band has also the magic durring this time of the year, inspired by the G0KSC, I took the decision to design  and test the LFA antenna for the 40m. This antenna was installed in my attic at 15m high, and was made from copper flexywire 3mm. The fact the LFA loop are feeded with 1:1 balun realised by YO2MLL. 


 The antenna has one loop and one reflector.


 The SWR  is low with nice value of gain.

This antenna has 10 dBi Gain and just 14 dB F/B. amateur radio guide
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  1. Friend,

    This sounds like a remarkable design! Can you explain the formulas so I can make one to operate on 30 Meters? I already have a yagi on 40 meters. Thanks very much! Mark W5MMX -

  2. Hi Mark,

    I have started with design from 3 elements beam for 40m,
    I keept the reflector, and the driven and director formed one loop.
    The boom of the beam is short just 4m.


  3. Great job Marian! Congratulation! I just looking for two 40m phased verticals and i saw yours! I was well imprested by the results! 73! by YO9RIJ Petrica!

  4. Hi Petrica,
    I hope you have place to install this antenna, do not easitate to send us feedback!73 YO2MBU Marian


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