Thursday, August 6, 2015

Triple Bazooka Antenna for ADS-B 1090 MHz

After installing the new Raspberry pi 2 with piaware and flight radar feed, I was thinking for new antenna. The dipole is nice, ground plane antenna also good , but I didn't see special receiving reports. Dipoles are usually used for horizontally so it beams the signal in 2 horizontal directions, but in our case we need omnidirectional antenna. Starting from design of double bazooka, I realize the braid copper shield of the coax is the RF radiator and the center conductor act like balun or matching transformer to provide DC ground. Bazooka antenna is good for receiving bandwidth, and reduced noise over the old wire dipole. The Lindenblad antenna for satellite show us to good way to this antenna in T slopper, inverted V or vertical like in picture. I encourage you to make test with adbscope to see the coverage. You can play with dimension of radiators 13cm ~ 15cm. Do not use any coax that has a foil shield wrapping. Good luck and good reports.

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