Tuesday, December 18, 2012

so2sdr - powerfull tool

 The sdr  (software design radio) is brought by wondefull plaform softrock, soft66 or genesis. If you  allready check the www.websdr.org, made by PA3FWM  you see the powerfull  tool, now I sugest to test the software so2sdr.  
so2sdr   is contest log program that features a software-defined radio (SDR) bandscope. The program is written using Qt and is dual-platform, running in Linux and Windows. 
           Two-radio (SO2R) support. Headphone and radio switching via parallel por
           Uses hamlib for radio communications
           Currently supports soundcard based SDR interfaces (Softrock, etc).  
           Requires 96 KHz stereo soundcard
           CW generation via Winkey 
 Project home    http://code.google.com/p/so2sdr/

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